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I created this blog because I was spamming my main blog & tags page with so much Exo.

My main biases are Kris & Kai. Secondary biases are Kyungsu & Tao.

Check the pages for more specific posts.

furious Fan is hot as fuck

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Jongdae being 200% done with dumbzhang (ft. Jongtummy)
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Wallpaper versions (1920x1080) OWO 1 2

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zhang yixing: not a clingy boyfriend at all e u e

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krischen being overly excited during the charades game (the word to be guessed was 'overdose') ft. a very normal xiumin
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baekyeol walking together and looking at each other 

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Tao & Xiumin for Harper’s Bazaar Swarovski

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baekhyun and chanyeol being normal

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